Thursday, June 5, 2008

A great way to start the day

I woke up late today for work. Great. I rushed to brush my teeth, put on the same outfit as yesterday, deodorized, packed my bag, and ran out the door. As I went to throw my belongings into the crate on the back of my bike I noticed something odd; someone had placed a Ben & Jerry's container in my crate. Upon closer inspection I realized that this particular Ben & Jerry's ice cream container was not filled with melted ice cream, but rather vomit. That's right. Vomit. Some one had puked in my bike basket after using it as a trash receptacle. Excellent. I noticed that someone had tried to hose it down, however the smell and some chunks remained. I grabbed a hose and sprayed off my bike in my best effort to remove the vomit smell and residue. After cleaning off my bike I wiped it down and jumped on. As I biked down the hill towards campus I tried to brake so that I could stop at a stop sign. Because my rims were wet from all of the hosing my brakes were rendered useless. I stopped myself from crashing into a moving car by crashing into a parked one. I ended up walking my bike for the next 10 minutes until my rims were dry enough for the brakes to work. I contemplated putting up a note in the courtyard asking people to try to puke in bushes and not bike crates, but I feel like that will be passive aggressive and ineffective. Here's to summer!

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